Friday, 28 June 2013

A Day in the Life… Quick Q 10 with Café Manager Tim Dalton

Have you ever wondered what makes a Café Manager tick? Have you ever wanted an insight to the reality of running a busy café?  

I talk to hip and happening Café Manager Tim Dalton from Brewhouse Coffee Roasters in Bendigo.

Tim Dalton working hard

What makes you get out of bed at 5am every morning to go to work?

Tim: I love the industry and I love my job.  I’m lucky enough to work with some amazing people who make it worthwhile… and the customers.

What’s the highlight of your job?

Tim: To see a full café everyday that’s buzzing.

And is there a lowlight?

Tim: Not really…I think it can be pretty exhausting talking all day…but I do find it all very rewarding.

How do you motivate your already high functioning team?

Tim: I’m very big on involving the staff with everything.  I involve them in decisions allowing them to have some ownership within the café.

Talk coffee to me – what’s your preferred style?

Tim:  A long black.  Basically because I gave up milk a couple of months ago.  I like it to be strong, single origin Brazilian bean – it’s nice and milk-chocolaty.

How many coffees per day do you drink?

Tim: 6 to 8.  It’s just easy!

What do you think draws people to your café?

Tim:  I’d like to think it’s because of the brilliant customer service.  We’re very big on making peoples day by remembering their name and the coffee they drink.  Plus it’s a pretty rad fit out with great ambience.

How do you handle the difficult customer?

Tim:  I try to deal with it a quickly as I can.  Treat them how you would like to be treated in their situation.  I advise my staff to do the same and most of the time they don’t need me to step in as they diffuse the situation as quickly as they can.  And I don’t take it personally and learn from any mistakes.  The business can always benefit from any feedback good or bad.

What are the future plans for your café?

Tim:  We are in the process of getting our liquor license at the moment.  So we will be starting Friday nights with shared food and small live bands.  It will be a cool place to see open at night.  It’s exciting!

And my final and standard question – are you a visionary of a realist?

Tim:  (pauses) I’d like to say a visionary.  Bendigo is really staring to move forward as a food destination and I’d like to think I’ve been apart of that after being in the industry for 11 years.  I always like to look forward.  I think there is always a different way of looking at something and approaching it and you can get the desired outcomes that everyone wants.

You can find Tim at Brewhouse Coffee Roasters in Bendigo.  

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